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Sex workers in Asia’s largest prostitution district speak out In south Mumbai’s red light districts there are an estimated 100,000 brothel-based sex workers. Most of them are not there voluntarily. A high proportion of the women and girls have been sold into sex work, often by a relative or a trusted family friend; others are born into it.

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06-09-2013  · Take a private cab / taxi or any bus from grant road station towards Gol Deval temple and ahead, it will pass through this famous prostitution market and you will get to know the reality in a get quick view. Kamathipura Prostitutes View (Red Light Area of Mumbai) Grant Road Other Attractions

Kamathipura: The Charm Of Mumbai’s Red-Light District. Home » Life » Kamathipura: The Charm Of Mumbai’s Red-Light District. Previous Next Have you ever wondered why every woman gets a shudder when they hear the name of Grant Road Station? I have been asked a few times as well but I never wondered why people get a shudder. May be my education in red-light areas have prevented me.

Impressionistic images of Mumbai’s red light district, Kamathipura, as seen through a taxicab. "India’s most famous red light district has withstood much in its lifetime. First, the sailors—the first patrons of Kamathipura, for whom it was set up during British times—went. Then came the onslaught of HIV AIDS, and with it the sudden drop.

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Kamathipura Brothels Real Estate Mumbai Red Light District Culture. In Kamathipura Gully 14, in the second room on the ground floor, madam moti Moiratha is set to leave. In this, one of the last.

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Mumbai’s Kamathipura is the oldest red-light district on the Indian subcontinent, and is the 2nd largest on the entire continent of Asia. The 1st largest is Calcutta, which is something that I didn’t realize when I was actually there. If I had we probably would have paid it a visit, like we’re about to do in Mumbai.

In this night tour, you get to the experience the other side of Mumbai. The nightlife out here is never ending. There is always something fun to do or something serene to experience. The Banganga Tank, Jain Temple, the chaotic CST station, and the vibrant shades of cynical sexualism through Mumbai’s notorious red light district.